Typically Amalfitano

Typically Amalfitano is the brand under which both Diecisedici and the new structure La Bambagina were born.It is a reference to our land, Amalfi and its Coast, which also indicates a way of seeing and living everyday life: with the grace and simplicity that our land of origin has given us.

Amalfi and its colors, its millenary history, the magnificence of its monuments, the breathtaking views are the style to follow and to propose again in welcoming our guests and not just a privilege to exploit. Our choice is that of exalting all the characteristics of our territory inspired by its aim and proposing the best of its achievements.

Starting from the choice to use the traditional ceramics of the Amalfi Coast for floors and walls, hand painted with the colors of the sea and sky (blue), lemon gardens (yellow and green) and our so suggestive sunsets.

The work, then, of the local craftsmen who have made the closets and other accessories in the rooms, enhances even better the concept of territory. Which extends to the whole of Italy in the choice of Italian design objects: such as Murano glass chandeliers, tables and cupboards, chairs and sofas.

Tipically Amalfitano is also the way of life that we would like our guests to adopt during their stay: carefree and serene. Starting from the breakfast that you can enjoy at the Bistro F.lli Pansa, in the beautiful Piazza Duomo in front of the Cathedral of Amalfi, where you can enjoy a italian or continental meal from sweet to savory.